Poo Pocalypse

A card game for immature people.

Poop, there it is!

Poo Pocalypse is a strategic card game for 2-4 players. Destroy your friends in a game of defecation domination.

2 to 4 Players

Ages 7+

20 Minute Play Time


How to Play

The first player to build a Poo Pyramid wins!

Build it by laying down these poops in this order:

3 Poo Peasants, 2 Fecal Fighters, and 1 Crap King

1. Deal everyone five cards

The player wearing the most poop colors goes first. Feel free to debate why your weird mustard shirt should win.

2. On your turn, perform any 2 of 3 possible actions

(You can do any action twice)

3. Pass the Poo Token clockwise to the next player

4. Defend your pyramid from Crap Attacks!

A Crap Attack is a way for opponents to attack your pyramid in between turns.

For example, let's say you laid down a Poo Peasant on your turn. Immediately after, someone Crap Attacks you by laying down a card of the same class on top of your card (in this case, a Poo Peasant).

Then you go back and forth until someone can't or chooses not to play. If you win, you only keep the top card in your pyramid and discard the rest.

If your opponent wins, all the cards go to the discard pile. It's kind of a crappy kamikaze... crapikaze... technique.

And that's it.

Build your pyramid while decrapitating anyone who gets in your way to become...


“I never thought playing with poo could be this much fun!” 

- Trent C.

“The rules are simple and easy to understand, but you can get absolutely devious with your strategies 💩”

- Jessica R.

"If you like hilarious games for the whole family, get this! You won't regret it!"

- Dave V.

Download Our Free Poopy Play Mats!

(for added immaturity)